Kim Kardashian & Rita Ora End Up on Flight Together So Someone Definitely Fake Slept

Awk-ward! Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora were just on the same flight that jetted out of LAX on Monday. If you don't know why that's awk-ward, good for you; you've probably been spending your time doing smart stuff like reading books and doing sudukos, as opposed to learning about celeb feuds... buuuut, if you're curious about the ladies' beef, it's basically because Kardashian thinks Ora is partly responsible for the downfall of her brother, Rob. In fact, Kardashian refused to sit near Ora at the MTV VMAs a few weeks ago.

So. What did the girls do when they boarded the plane, where they, most likely, were seated in first-class together? Lord knows they didn't make up. Here are my guesses as to how things went down:

  • Kardashian did the ol' "I'm looking through my purse" thing when Ora walked by.
  • Ora held in her pee for the entire duration of the flight, so she didn't have to walk by Kardashian.
  • Kardashian pretended her husband, who she was flying with, said something really funny and started cracking up in an effort to make Ora feel lonely and excluded.
  • Ora scrolled through old photos on her phone after the plane landed, making it seem like she was really engrossed in something and didn't even realize her arch-enemy was on the same flight as her.
  • Ora pretended she was fast asleep when Kardashian took her daughter, who she was also traveling with, into the bathroom to change her.
  • Kardashian whispered something into North's ear while staring at Ora, making it seem like she was gossiping to her 1-year-old about her. Burn!

Or, you know, they just ignored each other and got on with their lives.

Image: Giphy