'MDL:LA's Best Couple Shows Their Love Online Too

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Between tea party-throwing James Harris, the new family-oriented 007 of real estate and the still-engaged Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu now working together at The Altman Brothers, it might be easy to forget the original adorable couple to rule Million Dollar List: Los Angeles . But fear not! Josh Flagg and longtime partner Colton Thorn are still together and making the world, or at least Instagram, a better place with their constant stream of love for one another.

The Season 7 premiere saw Flagg and Thorn living in suburban harmony in Flagg's then-recently purchased Sunset Strip home, though the couple is currently enjoying temporary digs at The Beverly Hills Hotel as Flagg begins renovations to expand the house.

And whether it's ice bucket challenges or high-flying vacations documented on Flagg's blog The Flagg Report, Flagg and Thorn clearly still know how to have fun with one another. And Flagg, whose beloved grandmother Edith recently passed away in August, clearly has a good shoulder to lean on with Thorn keeping his spirits up.

The couple most recently celebrated Flagg's birthday at the Polo Lounge. "First birthday dinner LOVE YOU! At our new home..." wrote Thorn in the corresponding caption.

And Flagg returned the love when he and new MDL: LA co-star David Parnes called-out their respective significant others in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

"Love impromptu getaways!" Thorne wrote in a recent post, tagging the couple at the Kahala Hotel in Hawaii.

Flagg and Thorne may not be the only romance on MDL: LA, but they've definitely still got plenty of it.

Images: Bravo; Colton Thorn, Josh Flagg/Instagram