9 Chic Sneakers For Every Style, From Plaid High Tops To Suede Wedges And All The Kicks In Between

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Whether you're in a committed relationship with the color pink or your closet is stuffed full of distressed jeans, chances are you have a beloved pair of sneakers. Comfort is an innate desire after all, and athletic-inspired footwear offers cozy support that heels simply don't. Thankfully, fall 2014 is the season of the sneaker (or at the very least, the low-heeled shoe), so now is the time to indulge in a set that fits your personality.

Trust me, there's a pair for every style inclination under the sun, from those who love a pair of throwback kicks to those who enjoy an edgier take on footwear. Here are nine sneaker styles to satisfy your craving for fabulous — and feasible — footwear.

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