We Need a 'Flight of The Conchords' Reunion

Will the hiphopopotamus battle the rhymenoceros soon? Should you prepare your literal camera phones? Maybe! Well, if you cross your fingers hard enough. Complex reports that a Flight of The Conchords reunion is imminent. Apparently, Jemaine Clement, who is one-half of the hilarious musical duo from New Zealand, said the following in an interview in The Guardian but of course, nothing is as simple as it seems.

Are the Conchords, dormant at the moment, waiting to erupt again? "We talk about a movie every so often," says Clement. "Sometimes it feels like we lost a lot of impetus over the last couple of years. But Bret, James [Bobin, lead director] and me, we all want to do a musical. It would be good to do something all together…I miss playing Flight of the Conchords gigs."

In the interview, Clement apparently said that there would be a four episode encore reunion, which would be awesome for people who dig "Foux de Fafa," or anyone who ever cracked a smile at Clement and his partner in crime, Bret McKenzie, their music, and their retired HBO show. However, like many good things, this is simply not true, as Clemaine took to Twitter to clarify shortly after the "news" broke. He posted the following:

So not all bad news!

But Complex asked this mildly unsettling question: "Was anyone really clamoring for more Conchords episodes?" The answer might be, "yes, some people were, but only a select few," but that's one of the reasons we need a Flight of The Conchords reunion in the first place. Some people missed the boat on this under-the-radar series, and what would you do if you had the opportunity to jump on a boat that you missed and the boat sang you hilarious songs? Oh, and the boat also had a New Zealand accent? Okay, I'll hang up that awful metaphor, but here's why we could use a Flight of The Conchords reunion.

Get new people into Conchords

A reunion could get people into the series if the weren't into it before — and besides, even more people are into comedy music with The Lonely Island's rise in popularity.

Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros Part 2

One of the greatest rap battles of our time.

Bring that "Inner City Pressure" to other places

Inner suburban pressure anyone? Inner farmer pressure? No? OK. Well, "Inner City Pressure" needs a redux.

Another Camera Phone


This camera phone (literally a phone glued to a camera) would fit so well in this era of DIY and in this Pinterst boom. This sort of camera phone is like the mason jar of cameras AND phones.

More Super Fan Mel (Kristen Schaal)

Can there ever be enough Kristen Schaal?

Another album would be pretty sweet

The more comedy music out there, the better. But alas — this reunion is just a dream. Guess we should all take up Conchords style DIY and start gluing cameras to our phones.

Images: Giphy (3); HBO