This MIGHT Make You Actually Like Linkin Park

It's throwback time! How about some Linkin Park for ya? OK, look — I know you don't need to hear Linkin Park's "In The End" again, here in 2014, but what if I told you it was in 20 different styles? Musical and style master Anthony Vincent is back with his 10-second song series (in which he alternates musical styles every 10 seconds) and this time, he's giving "In The End" the 10-second treatment. Even if you're not a Linkin Park fan, you should definitely check it out because you haven't heard "In The End" until you've heard it a la Bob Marley. (Seriously. Someone should just do Bob Marley-esque renditions of every rap rock song.)

In the video, Vincent takes us on a stylistic tour, via the styles of the aforementioned Marley, Korn (remember them!?) The Doors, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Jonny Cash — and that's just the short list.

It's a fun concept, and Vincent (nee Valbiro — you can check out his page here) is a natural when it comes to assuming the style of other musicians. While it's fun to hear the stylistic possibilities of Linkin Park (WHO KNEW) the real joy is watching Vincent at work. He deserves praise for his versatility and for his ability to give Linkin Park a successful makeover.

Image: Ten Second Songs/Youtube