Chloe Moretz & Michelle Obama's 'Divergent' Spoof Turns Snack Foods Into Dystopia — VIDEO

The world is separated into factions. A deranged leader rules over all. And one teenage girl could change everything. No, this isn't Divergent — it's Snackpocalypse , a new Funny or Die video that imagines a world where healthy eating's fallen by the wayside and, in its place, is a society full of sluggish, sick kids who don't understand that their Dorito lunches and Mountain Dew dinners are turning them to mush. Chloe Moretz plays the only teen who seems to be different than the rest, a girl who — gasp! — prefers carrots to cake, and who might just have the power to save them all.

And Michelle Obama couldn't care less. The health-conscious First Lady makes a cameo towards the video's end, lamenting movie trailers that give away everything and complaining to her friends that she just wants to "watch Frozen again." I understand, Mrs. Obama. I understand.

Yet while the First Lady's appearance is certainly a highlight of the clip, the rest of the video is pretty entertaining on its own. There's Moretz showing off some spot-on teenage deadpan, Greek's Clark Duke ecstatically promising daily pizza parties, and Tyler Posey doing his best Smoldering Male Love Interest With Back Tattoos. Oh, and there's a group of Hufflepuffs wandering the halls of the high school, because every good YA movie needs at least one Harry Potter reference, right?

You can watch Snackpocalypse below, but make sure there's no processed foods or candy bar wrappers in sight. The fate of the world depends on it — and Michelle Obama would really not approve.