Jason Reitman & Diablo Cody Imagine a 'Young Adult' Sequel & Here's What It Could Be Like

There are two types of people in the world: those who loved Young Adult , Jason Reitman's 2011 dramedy about a writer set on reuniting with her ex-boyfriend, and those who couldn't stand a minute of it. Featuring an unlikable protagonist who was practically impossible to root for, the Charlize Theron-starring film was, until last year's Labor Day , the most controversial movie of Reitman's directing career. For every person who adored the film's fearlessness, there was someone else who nearly walked out of the theater. Yet clearly, the movie's fans outweighed its haters, because nearly three years later, Reitman and screenwriter Diablo Cody are talking about bringing a Young Adult sequel to the screen.

Well, kind of. They are talking — just probably in more of a joke-y, this-could-be-fun kind of way than a serious, let's-make-it-a-reality kind of way. The filmmakers' discussion on planning a sequel occurred on Wednesday afternoon, right after Reitman tweeted a photo of the first poster for his upcoming movie, December's Men, Women & Children. Seeing the photo, Cody decided to chime in, tweeting to her former co-worker, "are you taking questions right now?" And it was Reitman's response to that silly inquiry that got the ball rolling:

While Cody demurred at first — "I don't understand why you would want to make people feel that way again," she said — both filmmakers soon started brainstorming ideas for the sequel-to-be. First, there was Reitman's suggestion:

Then Cody's follow-up:

And finally, Reitman's spot-on potential plotline:

Please, someone make this happen before these pop culture references become irrelevant, because a Young Adult sequel like this would be amazing. I know, I know, it's all just jokes, and a follow-up film is probably not going to happen. But still — how great would it be to see Mavis crush dreams on the red carpet and spout nasty thoughts on Bieber and Kimye? Or perhaps she could:

Become a Screenwriter

In Young Adult, Mavis was shown to be a ghostwriter for a Sweet Valley High-like YA series. The books were coming to an end, but that doesn't mean a movie version couldn't still happen, especially considering all the recent hype for teen-based films. Besides, Diablo Cody was all set to write a Sweet Valley movie in real life; it might be pretty easy to transfer that storyline to her character's life.

Run a YouTube Channel

Let's be real: a talk show would be too much for Mavis, who suffered from alcoholism, trichotillomania, and a bunch of other conditions that would have studio heads not too keen on putting her in front of a live audience. But a Youtube channel, where she could voice her opinions on everything from Brangelina's wedding to Taylor Swift's makeup routine, could definitely work. Venting into a camera about gossip news and commiserating with a few hundred "fans?" It's be a perfect fit.

Write a Memoir

Last we saw of Mavis, she hadn't come to the same realization as the audience that she was delusional. She genuinely thought people were jealous of her, and she acted as if the rejection and humiliation she experienced were just small bumps in an otherwise successful adulthood. A few years have passed, though, and she's (hopefully) grown up a little. Perhaps she's mature enough now to reflect on her past insanity and write about it in a memoir. It'd be funny, sharp, and unforgiving, Mavis at her very best. But then again, this is Mavis; as nice as it'd be to think otherwise, it's doubtful she'll ever grow up enough to deal honestly with her past — at least not without some major therapy. Which, actually, could make a movie of its own... Reitman and Cody, get to work.

Images: Paramount; Tumblr