Amy Schumer's Tennis Sketch Brilliantly Skewers the Media's Hyper-Sexualization of Female Athletes — VIDEO

When Amy Schumer tweets that she has some "found footage" from the U.S. Open, you know you've got to check it out. What follows is a hilarious sketch from Inside Amy Schumer which pits Schumer as the sex kitten Eastern European tennis star, Amy Schumerenka, who is playing a critical match against Bridget Everett. As Schumer hilarious flounces around and blows kisses at the camera while showcasing her pink panties, Everett schools her at tennis... yet the question remains: who actually wins the match?

You can see for yourself in the video below, but one thing is clear: this is an obvious statement on how some women in sports are hyper-sexualized, and how the women who ooze sex appeal often oust the actual sports champions. Of course, this is true in many fields other than just sports. Yet instead of being super didactic about it, Schumer is freaking hysterical as she whips off her underwear because she doesn't need it anymore! (You'll see.)

The media may love super sexy ladies who literally ditch their panties, but what the media — thankfully — loves even more is Schumer, who is ascertaining her place as one of the funniest women in comedy.

You can celebrate the U.S. Open with Amy Schumerenka below. Don't like sports? Watch it anyway. Schumerenka is for sports fans and non-sports alike. Funny women can speak to all!