Benedict Cumberbatch's Drunken 'GQ' Awards Speech Will Make You Love Him Even More — VIDEO

At this point, I feel like the Internet is hopelessly devoted to Benedict Cumberbatch no matter what he does. But that doesn't mean the hopeless devotion can't grow every time he does something endearing/adorable/hilarious — in fact, quite the contrary. It's actually more prone to grow. Case-in-point: Even I, someone who is not actively worshipping the Sherlock star like some of his fans, chuckled quite a bit at this video of Benedict Cumberbatch accepting a Actor of the Year trophy at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London last night...drunk. I know there's this common misconception that all British men are nice, charming, funny, and polite (the truth is that they're not, just like not all American men guzzle beer all day and hang American flags everywhere they go) — but Cumberbatch really seems to embody that stereotype on a daily basis, even when he's had a few too many drinks. This man is like a global treasure.

I can't even properly describe the hilariousness of this video, so I'll leave you to hit play yourself (as if you haven't already, ha). Just know that this will probably make your love for Cumberbatch go through the roof within moments.

Or off the roof. (Bad Sherlock jokes are my thing, OK?)

Image: Giphy