What It's Like To Be A Post Grad Grinch According To 'Glee's Santana Lopez GIFs

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It'd be a whole lot easier to move on in life if you didn't have social media pulling you back like Satan into the depths of hell. So, as you sit on your stupid laptop, in your stupid house, signing up for stupid grad classes, you may occasionally come across some things on your feed that you would've rather not seen. Like everyone privileged enough to be born after you still basking in their undergrad lives, frolicking around your old stomping grounds. Pictures, tweets, and statuses of this nature tend to incite jealousy and subsequently, your less flattering cynical side. But you can't help it if you're just so much older and wiser now and everything they do is stupid.

Because it is.

Because you can't do it anymore.

Here's a guide to your Grinch-iest moments as a post grad.

Image: FOX; Giphy (13)

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