Love Sims? Own A Mac? We Have Bad News

Something is horribly and terribly wrong. Mac users can't play Sims 4. For all of you who — like me — have been playing the Sims games since the dawn of the Sims era in the year 2000, I imagine Tuesday had been in your schedule for quite some time. It was Sims 4 release day! Computer gamers rejoice!

While there are mixed reviews and big changes to the popular game, it's still exciting to see another game update. But that's where the good news ends, because, if you're a Mac user like me, you couldn't play. That's right. Mac users can't play Sims 4, because there is no Mac version yet.

An EA spokesperson told Bustle: "We are focused on the PC version. We have no updates on the Mac at this time."

So, what are Mac users missing out on? Well, a far more complicated world than the first incarnations of The Sims — now, Sims and the worlds that you build for them are easier to personalize. For example, creating Sims is far more detailed, to the point where users can almost sculpt the Sims facial features, and Build Mode allows for more design and creativity. The Sims themselves are also more complicated in Play Mode. Sims can multitask, plus they have way more complex emotions and interactions with other Sims in play.

Some additional small features that deserve a mention include: the fact that you can now have bad WooHoo's, take photos of your food (looks like Sims are Instagramming!), make anatomically impossible and ridiculous looking Sims, and get an alien as a pet.

Unfortunately, Mac users like me will still have to miss out for the foreseeable future. And I'm devastated. Guess I'll have to find a friend with a PC and borrow their computer for a month. Or a year. If it's really good.

Images: EA Games