Kim Kardashian Criticized for Joke at 'GQ' Awards Ceremony — Lighten Up, People!

Let's be honest here. It isn't easy to feel bad for Kim Kardashian. She's balls to the wall rich; drop dead gorgeous; has a beautiful, healthy baby; doesn't have a "real job;" and is surrounded by an incredibly supportive family. What's there to complain about? Not much! However, Kardashian recently made a good point while on a BBC radio show on Wednesday — she basically can't do anything without being criticized. And that includes joking around.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably have heard that Kardashian was recently awarded British GQ 's Woman of the Year, an honor she accepted on Wednesday. And after she was introduced to the crowd at the award ceremony as "Kim Kardashian," she — jokingly — said, "It's Kim Kardashian West." And that's when all the online hate started flooding in.

As Kardashian tells it, people immediately started saying nasty things about her for "being annoyed" that she was improperly introduced. In the interview, she said, "They announced me as Kim Kardashian and I hate that people online say mean things, because when I got up there, I said, 'It's Kim Kardashian West.' Just like being more playful and cute."

You guys, she was "just like being more playful and cute!" Cut the woman some slack for god's sake. Not everyone has to like her or what she does, but sheesh, she should be allowed to be sarcastic or make a joke once in a while. And, this isn't the first time Kardashian has been skewered for kidding around. A few months ago, the Internet all but exploded after she joked that pregnant women should go into hiding until they've lost the baby weight. I mean, who took that as serious?

I'm not sure I'm at the point where I could say I "feel bad" for Kardashian, but I certainly could imagine it being incredibly obnoxious having every single thing you say dissected. Oops! Actually, I meant, "I'm at the point where I could say I 'feel bad' for Kardashian-West." I got your back, girl.

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