George Clooney to Direct Film About Phone-Hacking — But Not the Scandal You're Thinking of

There's a major hacking story going through the headlines this week, but it's one from a few years back that George Clooney will be tackling in his next project. Rupert Murdoch best be on his watch, is what George Clooney's saying. According to the New York Times the film will be an adaptation of the Nick Davies book Hack Attack: The Inside Story Of How the Truth Caught Up With Rupert Murdoch, which Amazon describes as "the mesmerizing story of how Davies and a small group of lawyers and politicians took on one of the most powerful men in the world—and beat him."

It exposes the inner workings of the ruthless machine that was the News of the World, and of the private investigators who hacked phones, listened to live calls, sent Trojan horse emails, bribed the police, and committed burglaries to dig up tabloid scoops. Above all, it is a study of the private lives of the power elite. It paints an intimate portrait of the social network that gave Murdoch privileged access to government, and allowed him and his lieutenants to intimidate anyone who stood up to them.Spanning the course of the investigation from Davies’s contact with his first source in early 2008 to the resolution of the criminal trial in June 2014, this is the definitive record of one of the major scandals of our time

Clooney's hardly one to shy away from political intrigue, so this sounds just up his alley. His previous directing credits include Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, Good Night and Good Luck, Leatherheads, The Ides Of March, and The Monuments Men. Chances are this one will try just as hard to get in with the awards game as most of those other ones did.