5 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Should Thank Kanye West For that VMA Interruption 5 Years Ago

At the time, it sure seemed like the worst thing that could have possibly happened to Taylor Swift at an award show did. I mean, imagine Kanye storming the stage to announce that you didn't deserve your award that you're thrilled over. It's sort of a blow to your self esteem, no? But, looking back at it five years later, perhaps Swift should be thanking Kanye. Because it just may have ironically been the best thing that could have ever happened to her.

by Caitlyn Callegari

First Things First, She's The Sweetest (Sorry, Iggy)

West didn’t realize that by enacting his evil deed of stealing Swift’s thunder, he then made her look like the sparkling image of innocence. As if her all her allusions to fairy tales and princesses weren’t already an immediate indicator.

But more than that, it just made anyone with a heart feel really, really bad for her.

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It Made Her Even MORE Famous

As they say, any publicity is good publicity. Even if you’re being publicly humiliated on stage in front of your peers and the nation.

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Subsequent to the last reason, Swift’s moment being upstaged was immortalized in internet glory with the “Imma Let You Finish” Meme. A meme that I’m sure everyone in the world including your grandmother has used/referenced at least once.

While Swift doesn’t always appear in the memes, the sentiment, and her crushed spirit, still lingers.

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It Started Her Celeb Friend Train

Everyone from 50 Cent to now (possible?) nemesis Katy Perry took a stand against Kanye’s mean spirited actions.

I know, you’re curious as to what Perry tweeted. Ironically, despite her recent Regina George reference, she didn’t always see Swift that way. “Fuck U Kanye. Its like u stepped on a kitten,” Rolling Stone recorded as her tweet in honor of her, as Swift puts it, “straight up enemy.”

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It Was A Hard Earned Lesson In Resilience

Worst case scenario out of the way, Swift could really only go up from there. So kudos to you, Yeezus, for making any future public embarrassment incomparable to that one.

Nowadays, Swift shines at award shows. She dances her little heart out and genuinely looks like she has a fabulous time no matter if she’s winning an award or not. And, when she does win an award, she always goes up there humbly and gratefully.

Kanye, who?

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