The Final 'View' Panel Has Been Revealed

The next season of The View has been in peril ever since two of the show's co-hosts made the decision to step down. Well, "in peril" is perhaps the wrong phrase for it since ABC made it clear that they planned to move forward with the show no matter what. Joining Whoopi Goldberg on the panel was Rosie O'Donnell, a controversial co-host whose return was of course met with more controversy, but the other two spots on the panel remained a mystery. Now ABC confirms that Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace will be joining The View as new co-hosts to fill out the panel and that's a pleasant surprise.

Perez and Wallace both appeared as guest co-hosts of The View during season 17, but neither of them had been seriously rumored to be in talks until the announcement was made. Suggested, yes, but not close to closing a deal. This is in contrast to O'Donnell, whose return to The View was rumored long before she ever agreed to it to the point that her reveal of her involvement was only surprising because I, for one, thought they wouldn't negotiate a contract that pleased both sides. However, that's not to say that Perez and Wallace aren't more than capable of holding their own on the panel.

Perez is a noted actress and activist while Wallace is a best-selling author and political analyst. Combine them with O'Donnell's background in entertainment and Goldberg's background in entertainment and politics and you've got a strong panel of intelligent ladies who will make the next season of The View the best one yet. Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy will always be missed, but ABC has done a good job of filling the void and it seems they know that.

According to E! News, executive producer Bill Wolff said of their choices, "These are powerful and accomplished women from different walks of life who have had amazing personal and professional experiences. Each brings incredible perspective and information to the table. This mix of smart, vibrant and energetic women is unlike anything else on daytime television."