Brittany Murphy's Dad Defends Rude Tweets About Amanda Fuller But He's Missing the Point Entirely

Listen, no one's saying that a late star's parents don't have a right to object when someone is trying to profit off their child's memory without their consent or input. After all, Aaliyah's family objected to the Lifetime biopic about her — ineffectually, however, since Lifetime is continuing with the project — and they managed to be respectful and classy while doing it. They even asked others to stop harassing then-lead actress Zendaya Coleman because she wasn't the problem. On the other hand, Brittany Murphy's father attacked Amanda Fuller, the lead actress of her biopic, in a series of angry tweets and retweets. When he received backlash, Brittany Murphy's father defend his tweets with a more eloquent version of "she started it" and that's missing the point.

According to the Wrap, Angelo Bertolotti, said, "Amanda Fuller attacked my daughter, Brittany Murphy, as well as myself and our relationship, which she knows nothing about. She did that in response to one single tweet, where I called her being cast in this film ‘a disgrace.’ I stand by that opinion." So, basically, Bertolotti insulted her in the biopic and Fuller attacked him for that, leading him to retaliate in a series of even meaner tweets and retweets. Does that make this situation okay?

The real issue here is that Bertolotti seems to be focusing too much on Fuller's involvement in the biopic and not enough on the fact that the biopic was made to begin with. Fuller was just doing a job; there are plenty of other people who wrote, produced, and directed the biopic, which could have gone forward with or without Fuller's involvement. However, according to Bertolotti, there's a reason he's more angry at Fuller at this point than at the biopic.

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"Amanda Fuller fired on me, in response to a single Tweet. She blamed my daughter for her own death and lied that I was never present in her life. None of that is true. I was never estranged from Britt. She wasn't insecure or paranoid. She wasn't abusing medications, which even the Coroner confirmed," said Bertolotti in an interview with The Wrap. "She wasn't taking any illegal drugs. Amanda Fuller had no business discussing my daughter or myself, especially in such a disrespectful way. She doesn't know the first thing about Brittany or me, after what she described as a two-day pre-production and research. Amanda Fuller started all this, by attacking me in the press. I had to respond and I did."

If that's even partially true, then this is seeming like a case of a feud that's been taken too far. As well-meaning as he might be, Bertolotti's fight with Fuller isn't doing his daughter's memory any favors. In fact, considering how the world loves a good scandal, it's making it even more likely that people will tune in to watch the biopic to see if it's as grossly misinformed as Bertolotti claims. Besides, Fuller herself claims that Bertolotti is the one who was on the offensive, harassing her so much that she was forced to block him on Twitter.

It really doesn't matter anymore who started it. We're not kindergarteners here. What matters is that they should both agree to end it, because Fuller is not to blame and Bertolotti should take his fight to protect Murphy's memory elsewhere.

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