6 Unexpectedly Awesome Things About Working This Weekend

Having to work through the weekend isn’t anyone’s dream life. Weekends are meant to be a departure from the middle ground of weekdays. You’re supposed to head for one of the extremes – either do something rad like hiking, volunteering or adulting at a farmers market, or become a completely useless, Netflix-consuming lump on your couch. These are the only correct weekend options. Both feel amazing, and are essential to recharging before heading back into the fray on Monday. Doing anything that resembles work during this god-given reprieve is some unnatural bullshit. But is it really all bad?

As much as people feel obligated to whine when they have to work on a weekend, it’s not actually the most horrible thing ever. Weekend working is, in fact, a seriously silver-lined cloud. The only real downside is not being able to relate to all your less motivated co-workers who hate their lives on Monday morning.

Money because duh

While the rest of your friends start their week with a regret-fest about overspending on bar drinks and cab rides, you get to bask in having spent the weekend improving your financial situation. Yeah, sit down and smell the responsibility, Basics.

No hangovers!

Once you start creeping over the far side of your 20s, every morning you wake up without a hangover feels like a thousand soft puppies gently nuzzling your soul in approval. “You did it,” the puppies say. “You were a grown-up.”

Monday is infinitely more tolerable

Weekends are traditionally designed to be 48 glorious hours of pure, shameless avoidance wherein we all surround ourselves with as many shiny, alcoholic, and orgasmic distractions as possible in an attempt to forget what we left behind at work and what’s awaiting us when we return. Toiling through Saturday and Sunday means passing on the mental downtime, but it also means getting a jumpstart on your week, and the rare ability to wake up on Monday with a slightly smaller sense of dread.

It’s healthier, probably

Unless you’re a professional cupcake tester (in which case, *slow clap* ­– you’re living your best life), weekend work most likely results in the consumption of fewer avoidable calories. No sugary cocktails, greasy (and amazing, please don’t get my feelings twisted here) post-bar fourth meal, or carb-bomb brunches. Maybe your lack of a hangover even motivated you to squeeze in an early spin class. Basically, having no fun at all and being really healthy are never far away from each other because life is evil and shitty like that.

It’s a guilt-free excuse to flake out on plans you didn’t want to keep anyway

You know what is the worst? Seeing people. You know what’s even worse than that? When they say stuff to you and expect you to say things back. Like, jeez, back off and let me live for a minute. Friends are great and doing things is fine, but sometimes you have a powerful desire to avoid both. You don’t want to be social or even pretend to be a person with interests, thoughts and feelings. The primal urge to occasionally go Full Blob is a real thing. While working isn’t exactly the same as binge watching Netflix in yoga pants, it’s at least a perfectly legit reason to not have to strain your social muscles for a weekend.

Having hardcore ambish’ always pays off

Sometimes five days a week isn’t adequate time to get you where you want to go professionally as quickly as you want to get there. If you feel compelled to put in extra hours and pull ahead of the pack, get it, boo. She with the most hustle wins.

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