10 Best Kim Yuna Figure Skating Costumes To Hopefully Convince Her To Come Out Of Retirement

Can you believe that Kim Yuna is turning 24 this year? I have a really hard time wrapping my mind around the concept of rising to the top of your respective field and (alas) retiring by that age. I mean, check back with me in a year, but I don't think I'll be the next Tina Fey by then (though apparently Nora Ephron started her career as a mailroom girl, which makes me feel a little better).

Enough age talk — I'll do my best to turn my millenial, twenty-something, self-centered angst aside for the time being so I can fully focus on the ever-fabulous Queen Yuna here. She's only been retired a few months, but I already feel wistful and nostalgic — and I don't know about you, but I still feel the residual sting from her silver finish at this year's Winter Olympics. Add that to the fact that it was her last Olympics ever, and you've got some pretty sad fans: Please reconsider your retirement, Yuna — 2018 is in Pyeongchang, after all...

Well, whether she makes a (very) unexpected return to skating or not, she's always been one of the very best dressed in the business — she's rocked everything from 19th century waif-inspired for her Les Miserables medley to ultra-sparkly Bond Girl chic for her James Bond medley over the course of her career: and as such, I think it makes sense to pay homage to the birthday girl with a fashion retrospective. So let's start our countdown at number 10!

10. "Adios Nonino" at the 2014 Olympics

Paul Gilham/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

You'd think long sleeves and velvet would be a bridge too far, but Yuna manages to make the look fabulous.

9. "Nessun Dorma" at the All That Skate 2014

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

She is working that crimson (and gold bric-a-brac!).

8. "Homage to Korea" at the 2011 World Championships

Oleg Nikishin/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Somehow, simultaneously subtle and high impact; just like its wearer.

7. "Meditation from Thais" at the 2010 Olympics

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Sometimes, simple is best. Plus, the ombré on the skirt (and the criss-cross rhinestoned detailing on the open back) are just plain lovely.

6. "Danse Macabre" at the 2009 World Championships

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Um, cool.

5. "Imagine" at the 2014 Olympics

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Perfectly on theme with her program and song... and again, just the epitome of classy charm (there's a reason people call her "Queen Yuna").

4. James Bond Medley at the 2010 Olympics

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Quite possibly the best use of finger guns, ever.

3. Les Miserables Medley at the 2013 World Championships

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

I'm kind of obsessed with this costume: The sleeves are so awesome! The bodice is so prettily detailed! The skirt is so fluttery!

2. "Kiss of the Vampire" at the 2013 World Championships

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Who knew garnet and ice blue looked so amazing together? The crystals on this costume are off the charts.

1. "Send in the Clowns" at the 2014 Olympics

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Some people took umbrage at the bright chartreuse shade, but she's pulling it off wonderfully. As usual, the crystals on the bodice are to die for, and the delicately fluttery skirt and ever-so-slightly belled long sleeves finish the look admirably.

Happy Birthday, Yuna!

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