The McConaissance Is In Commercials Now

It almost seems beside the point that this Lincoln MKC Commercial starring Matthew McConaughey features McConaughey in a low-key face-off with a giant bull, because of course he would casually face off with a giant bull. He's Matthew McConaughey. The real item of note here is that the McConaissance has not only invaded your television and your movies (and your computer, if you're watching it on YouTube) but that the McConaissance is now selling you products. It's encouraging you to buy nice cars. It's invading your wallet. It's asking you to take out car loans! The McConaissance has gotten up close and personal with your bank account!!!

OK, maybe that's taking things a step farther than necessary, but the True Detective star is certainly a ubiquitous personality. Now that his career has been revitalized, his face and his drawl are pretty much everywhere. Fortunately, he's a relatively welcome presence, and it's all because he's made the difficult transition from rom-com star to bonafide serious actor. He's so serious, that he can stare a bull in a face while also plugging a product. Few men can do that. Plus, that opening line is killer: "That's a big bull." Or as he says it: "Ahhs a bick ull."

Check out McConaughey and the Lincoln MKC vs. The Bull below. And remember: you can decide how personal you want to get with the McConaissance. It's up to you.