Sam Smith's "Fast Car" Cover Is Haunting & Will Legitimately Give You Goosebumps— VIDEO

True story: Sam Smith can pretty much cover any song so flawlessly that you forget he's not even the original singer of it. Even classics! First, there was his slow cover of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know," which transformed the pop classic into a soulful ballad that, I can't even deny it, moved me to tears. And now, this: At the BBC 1's Live Lounge (famed for inviting artists to cover songs generally the opposite of their genre, like Kings of Leon covering Robyn, or Ben Howard covering "Call Me Maybe"), the ever-talented Sam Smith stopped by to cover Tracy Chapman's masterpiece "Fast Car," — and, of course, it was brilliant.

The song is already fairly full of soul, but Smith seemed to add a touch of jazz to the mix that gave the song an entirely new dimension. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Smith's has the voice of an angel and is basically the male version of Adele — basically, you just need to listen to this cover.

Luckily for you, it's embedded handily below. Be aware before you hit play — this may leave you emotional, so tissues within arms distance is a wise decision.