YouTuber Jay Smooth's "List of Rules For Women" Gets Everything Right About Hypocritical Gender Norms

YouTuber Jay Smooth has a question in his new video "The List of Rules For Women": What is the most up-to-date list of all the rules for women? It has him really confused, because there seem to be a lot of rules that women are supposed to abide by, and a lot of them seem very contradictory. Not to mention most of them seem a teensy bit...unfair? "I want to do my part as a man," he says, "and keep reminding women of the rules, but there's just so many rules!" It's so confusing!

Jay Smooth, of course, is not alone in this. Women also are constantly having to update our internal list of what does and does not count as acceptable behavior and what makes us not only vulnerable to being mistreated, but actually proves we somehow deserve to be mistreated. Of course for women, these sorts of things are just second nature — we've been socialized to do this since childhood. I can understand how a poor dude would be confused.

So if anyone out there could fill Jay's request for "the most current, up to date list of all the freedoms and aspects of life women are expected to voluntarily opt out of" along with a list of "everything else that women are supposed to do and not do so that they qualify for being recognized as [human]" that would be great.

Oh, and about that request for "a way to subscribe for automatic updates since we keep changing it," I'd appreciate that link, too!

(Also, can we actually distribute that list of rules for men? But actually.)