The Burch Sisters Open Trademark, Open the Doors to Their First Store, And It's A Bunch Of Americana Goodness

Pookie and Louisa Burch are following in their former stepmother’s (Tory Burch, have you heard of her?) impeccably well-dressed footsteps. After launching their label Trademark just a mere six months ago, the simplistic-chic, modern Americana brand gained a cult-following and became a favorite of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, model Harley Viera-Newton, and Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen. Now, those Burch girls are playing in the big leagues as Trademark's first store opened its doors in Soho, NYC this week.

I dare you to spend a few minutes browsing around on the Trademark website and not get nostalgic at the sight of their classic silhouettes, primary color palette, and American minimalist design. Just try it. Go on. I swear you won’t have to buy anything... but you’ll definitely want to. I’m sure the urge to splurge would be much harder to resist during a lap around their new three-story store on Grand Street in NYC.

But wait! That’s the best part! Trademark isn’t really a huge splurge. Pookie and Louisa set out to create an easy and accessible collection and that’s just what they did. Everything from the collection (clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories – you name it, the Burches got it) all fall between $25 and $500, with most ready-to-wear pieces from their newest collection priced below a cool $300. And they all still manage to be beautifully constructed. Check out some of my favorite fall 2014 looks.

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