11 Weirdest 'Spice World' Scenes That Make Absolutely No Sense

1990s kids, rejoice: the Spice World movie is finally on Netflix Instant. Next to Clueless, this is probably one of the most dated films of the era, with all the platform shoes, baggy track pants, and of course, the Spice Girls. If you haven't watched the movie since childhood, it's high time for a revisit. Scenes that made perfect sense when you were eight suddenly become outrageous and unbelievable, for this is Spice World

But even if you're not a Spice Girls fan or even a "true '90s kid," Spice World is still recommended viewing. Supposedly an homage to The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night film, Spice World uses that description as an excuse to aimlessly meander along and make the Spice Girls do a bunch of silly things. It may not exactly be a classic, but it's a lot of fun to watch. Need more proof? Here are some of the most ridiculous scenes from the 1998 movie...

The Spice Girls as Mothers Flashback

So here’s the background: the Spice Girls collectively have a friend who is pregnant (this figures into the movie a lot, for some reason). Naturally, this makes the Spice Girls imagine what they will be like as mothers. Apparently, it means that they all live together and kind of hate their kids.

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The Costume Montage

At this point, we are not that far into the movie, but it just kinda shrugs its shoulders and goes “I dunno, what should we do next?” So of course: Costume Montage! The best moment, though, is when the Spice Girls dress up as other Spice Girls. An exploration of the concept of identity or just pure silliness? You decide!

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The Assless Chaps Performance

Yeah, I have no idea either. There’s a performance in Italy and the Spice Girls get weirded out by the shirtless, short-shorts male dancers the venue wants to use, so we get assless chaps instead. The best part is when you realize they’re performing a cover of Gary Glitter’s “Leader of the Gang.”

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Aliens Touch Scary Spice's Boob

The Spice Girls get of the Union Jack bus to pee in the woods, and stumble upon… aliens? The aliens get some autograph, touch Scary Spice’s boob, you know, normal alien fan stuff.

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Dance Boot Camp

The Spice Girls apparently only learn their dance routines by being shouted at by an unintelligible boot camp instructor. Props for going through an obstacle course in heels, though.

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A Paparazzo Comes Out of a Toilet

The antagonists of this film are (of course) the tabloid media, who will go to any length to get dirt on the Spice Girls, including defying the laws of physics and sneaking in their house through a toilet.

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Spice Force Five

Throughout the movie, two Hollywood executives are pitching movie ideas about the Spice Girls, and this is one of them. Basically, the Spice Girls are secret agents: Baby Spice is a fighter, Sporty Spice does covert ops, Ginger Spice is a master of disguise, Scary Spice does explosives, and Posh Spice is…well, Posh. I’d probably watch that movie, too.

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Flash-Forward to Spice Girls Being Declared Has-Beens in Court

This comes after a cute flashback to the early days of the Spice Girls, and then the Spice Girls start worrying about their future. Obviously, their biggest fear is being declared has-beens in a court of law, because that is how they do things in the real world.

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The Spice Girls Take Their Pregnant Friend to a Club

Nothing about this is not a bad idea. Not only do they take their pregnant and overdue friend to a club, they leave her when they’re all like, “Oh, this is our song, we have to go to the dance floor!” And of course, that’s when she starts going into labor.

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Union Jack Bus Race

After being in the delivery room for their friend giving birth (which, why?) the Spice Girls have to race back for their concert. Their bus driver, who is Meatloaf (?!?!) pulls some pretty crazy driving moves to get them there, and at one point all the Spice Girls get on the roof of the bus, because the Spice Girls are nothing if not great decision makers.

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The Spice Girls Break the Fourth Wall

The movie may be over, but don’t leave once the credits are rolling. Because the Spice Girls are back, and they can see you, and they will call your ass out. Very meta.

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