11 Weirdest 'Spice World' Scenes That Make Absolutely No Sense

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1990s kids, rejoice: the Spice World movie is finally on Netflix Instant. Next to Clueless, this is probably one of the most dated films of the era, with all the platform shoes, baggy track pants, and of course, the Spice Girls. If you haven't watched the movie since childhood, it's high time for a revisit. Scenes that made perfect sense when you were eight suddenly become outrageous and unbelievable, for this is Spice World

But even if you're not a Spice Girls fan or even a "true '90s kid," Spice World is still recommended viewing. Supposedly an homage to The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night film, Spice World uses that description as an excuse to aimlessly meander along and make the Spice Girls do a bunch of silly things. It may not exactly be a classic, but it's a lot of fun to watch. Need more proof? Here are some of the most ridiculous scenes from the 1998 movie...

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