Internet Food Searches By State Reveal That Our Country Has Some...Interesting Eating Habits

What are the people in your state eating? Well, if you live in Alaska, you might not want to know. The real estate company Estately has crunched the numbers on food-related searches by state, and has come up with a list that might be a little . . . alarming.

To be clear, this isn't a list of which food searches are most common in a given state (so the Californians only deserve to be somewhat mocked), but rather which terms a given state googles more than other states do. In other words, people in Mississippi aren't necessarily most interested in diet pills, but they are probably more interested than other people are.

The results are pretty interesting. Some are about what you'd expect — Vermont is obsessed with kale, Oregon wants to know about homemade vegan food. But who would have expected various types of barbecue to make so many appearances? Or for turtle meat to make an appearance at all (what gives, Ohio)? And I don't even want to know what's up California and their boogers or people in Alaska and their . . . people.

Clearly, though, Nevadans are the ones with their heads on straight. We should all pay more attention to the state that gives the Pumpkin Spice Latte its proper due.


You can also find other popular foods listed by state on Estately's website, which reveals little oddities like the fact that Mississippians seem to want to know both how to lose weight and how to gain it, and the fact that Louisiana hasn't lost its interest in alligator meat.

Plus, Michigan definitely isn't the only state wondering about their weight . . .

Check it all out here.