8 Headboard Ideas To Satisfy All Your Bedroom Needs (And Give Your Bed a Sweet Makeover)

Your bed has been feeling a little… lonely, lately. It’s missing a certain something, that one thing that instantly makes it feel sexy and fresh. Obviously, we’re talking about a headboard.

A headboard is probably the most underrated piece of furniture in your entire bedroom. It sets the tone for your bed (playful, peaceful, sexy-as-hell), props up your pillows, and provides much-needed support — and you’ve probably never even given it a second thought. Not to worry, because that’s where I come in. Whether you’re in the mood to give your queen-sized bed a dramatic makeover, or you’re just looking for a simple way to switch things up in your bedroom, here are my picks for the most attractive (and useful!) headboards around, perfect for satisfying your each and every need (in bed).

by Tess Wilson

Best Headboard for Dark Deeds

This gorgeous new beast also comes in white and wood, but the charcoal version was made for aspiring Maleficents, and would be the showpiece in a fiercely dramatic bedroom. Keep the rest of the decor luxurious but restrained — basically, do the opposite of what Anthropologie did here.

Coralie Bed, $1,998-$2,298, Anthropologie

Best Headboard To See You With, My Dear

This reflective bed would brighten up a dark room and save you the stress of hanging a heavy full-length mirror. But while I’m impressed that Restoration Hardware managed to make something so classy out of such a potentially cheesy concept, personally I’d be too concerned about acquiring seven years bad luck (in bed).

Strand Mirrored Bed, on sale for $1,395-$1,995, Restoration Hardware

Best Headboard To Put Down Roots

My god, that is a giant, gorgeous piece of wood furniture and art, all in one. Just pick the teak piece of your choice, allow four weeks for delivery, and don’t ever plan on moving to a new home.

Live Edge Wood Bed, $3,498, Anthropologie

Best Headboard for Commitment-Phobes

The best part about this headboard is that it’s so sneaky. In fact, it’s not a headboard at all —it’s a fancy wall decal that you can remove whenever you’ve moved on from the whole distressed wood vibe this baby has going for it. Maybe the easiest way to mix things up in bed… ever.

Wooden Headboard Wall Decal, $98, Urban Outfitters

Best Headboard For When You Want To Mesmerize

This headboard is here to amaze you. Stare at this geometric wonder for too long, and you might even hypnotize yourself into falling asleep. Bedroom magic if I’ve ever heard of such a thing.

Oh My Wood! Geo Headboard, $698, Urban Outfitters

Best Headboard for The Girl Who Wants Options

Maybe you need one shelf next to your bed for Prosecco, four shelves for books, and a sixth directly above your head for when you’re workin’ on your night cheese. Perhaps you’d like full bedside storage control, granting and denying your partner shelves as you see fit. Or perhaps you just want to keep thing spicy in the boudoir, modular-style! Either way, this headboard is for you.

Mandal Headboard, $99, IKEA

Best Headboard To Really Tie The Room Together

In addition to being the perfect headboard for a Spiderman-themed bedroom, this piece provides plenty of spots to get a good grip and/or tie a silk scarf. Also available in white for a more lattice-like look.

Morocco Headboard, $399-$549, West Elm

Best Headboard For Headbanging

This thick beauty has five generous inches of padding, and achieves that coveted tufted look from stitching, so there are no buttons to bash against. It comes in a ton of fabrics and colors, and would be insanely comfortable for sitting and reading in bed, too. I guess.

Tall Grid Tufted Headboard, $499-$799, West Elm