8 Headboard Ideas To Satisfy All Your Bedroom Needs (And Give Your Bed a Sweet Makeover)

By Tess Wilson
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Your bed has been feeling a little… lonely, lately. It’s missing a certain something, that one thing that instantly makes it feel sexy and fresh. Obviously, we’re talking about a headboard.

A headboard is probably the most underrated piece of furniture in your entire bedroom. It sets the tone for your bed (playful, peaceful, sexy-as-hell), props up your pillows, and provides much-needed support — and you’ve probably never even given it a second thought. Not to worry, because that’s where I come in. Whether you’re in the mood to give your queen-sized bed a dramatic makeover, or you’re just looking for a simple way to switch things up in your bedroom, here are my picks for the most attractive (and useful!) headboards around, perfect for satisfying your each and every need (in bed).

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