Is 'RHONJ' Cousin Rosie Still Dating Girlfriend Ellen? There's Some Typical 'Housewives' Drama Afoot

A few weeks ago, the most heartwarming moment of Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 so far happened. Everyone's favorite non-Housewife Rosie introduced us to her girlfriend Ellen, and it was a beautiful sight. The two had such googly eyes for each other that it was surprising they made any time for eating while dining at, where else, Rino and Teresa's restaurant Ponte Vecchio. Rosie said she felt like she had known Ellen all her life, and her new girlfriend has inspired Rosie to make many positive changes in her own life. This really looked like the start of a happy and loving life for the couple, one where bluebirds fly around their heads in a love daze, as Melissa described. Or at least, that's what I had hoped.

For those wishing Rosie and Ellen's wedding would be a part of Season 7 of RHONJ, I've got bad news for you. The couple is no longer together. And just when Rosie's brother-in-law Richie offered to be the ring bearer at their wedding, too.

Rosie announced the news through a tweet posted while the episode aired on Aug. 17.

So that's that. Over before it ever really began. Though many of Rosie's Twitter followers tried to console her, she assured them that she had "no hard feelings."

But the drama doesn't stop there. Come on, did you really think we would all get off that easy? This is RHONJ we're talking about.

Though Rosie seems to have moved on from the relationship quite cordially, it's been another story for Ellen. She said that Rosie made it look like they were dating when really they weren't. Ellen told WetPaint:

"We really weren't in a heavy-duty relationship. We were just very good friends, and she makes it seem like we were together and we had this whole relationship. Really, I was just doing her a favor, and now I'm paying the price."

Ellen said she didn't even want to go on RHONJ in the first place but that she did it as a "favor" to Rosie. Now she regrets ever appearing on camera, even going so far as to tell WetPaint that she was "manipulated" into being on the show. In an interview with RadarOnline, Ellen alleges that Bravo, Rosie's family, and even Rosie just wanted her on the show in the role of Rosie's girlfriend to give her a better storyline and make it seem like Rosie was new and improved. Was their first meeting at a bar during last season of RHONJ all a set-up, too? I don't know what to believe anymore.

Well, this is certainly not what we want to hear for Rosie or Ellen. But then again, it's not too surprising that a reality show would embellish situations in an attempt to make better TV. I just hope Rosie finds real love soon.