9 Winning Dip Recipes for Football Season, So Don’t Even Think About Canned Salsa

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It’s football season, which means you have some big decisions to make. For example: Should you trade for a top-tier quarterback on your fantasy team? Which game should you watch on Sunday? And most importantly, what will you be eating? Wings are de rigueur, of course — as are those adorable mini sausages. But the most essential part of your football feast is the one you usually forget: the dip.

Sure, you can pour a can of salsa into a plastic bowl. Just like you can draft Tony Romo and expect him to come through when you need him most. (Sorry, Cowboy fans. You know it’s true.) Or you can opt for the clutch player — and that’s where we can help. From creamy baked fontina to perfect guacamole, we rounded up our favorite recipes to get you through every Sunday until the Super Bowl. Ready? You got a game to catch.

Image: Honestly Yum

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