"About That Bass" Gets a Makeover

Say what you will about Jimmy Fallon and his gimmicks on The Tonight Show, but if you like music, have a heart, and have a pulse — or at least one of those three — then you will probably agree that when Fallon and The Roots get together with an artist to cover one of the artist's songs, it's usually pretty damn good. Fallon, The Roots' and Meghan Trainor's rendition of "All About That Bass" with classroom instruments is no exception— in fact, it puts the feel-good message that song proudly delivers in the forefront.

Of course, like with Fallon and The Roots' classroom instrument cover of "Let It Go" along with their other classroom instrument covers, this once again proves that catchy, dynamic, really good music can be made without excessive production. Fallon's games on his show often feel like a celebrity playground, so if his entire show encompasses an imaginative schoolyard, then this is the quieter music class where talent can really shine in the absence of any physical hijinks.

Check it out below, and I promise you — you will feel like "every inch of you is perfect" (it is!) when the entire group stops and sings that line. See what I mean about that feel-good message? Don't be snarky about this one!

Image: The Tonight Show/Youtube