Olivia Wilde Refused to Kill David Blaine Because That's Just the Type of Person She Is

Olivia Wilde is a really nice person, you guys. Really. Because Olivia Wilde had the opportunity to kill magician David Blaine recently in what would have seemed like an unfortunate drowning accident leaving no one any the wiser, but she didn't, because she's a well-adjusted, non-murderous individual with great hair.

And, what's more: She told the entire world all about it during an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman last night.

According to Wilde, David Blaine was over at her home visiting with her and fiancé Jason Sudeikis for an upcoming television special. At one point — once he got them drunk enough, I'm sure — David Blaine asked Wilde and Sudeikis to hold him under water for 15 minutes, so he could prove his masculinity or insane lung capacity or whatever. He told Wilde, "It doesn’t matter if I’m thrashing, if I’m begging for my life, you have to hold me down."

Any murderous, psychopathic, Dexter-like individual would have said yes without any reservations and dunked his head under the water high school swirlie style, but Wilde isn't any of those things: Instead, this sentence made her nervous, and she didn't like the way producers were asking her where the closest hospital was either. So, she ultimately turned down the opportunity to potentially kill David Blaine.

Olivia Wilde: Great hair, not murderous. Someone get that on her Wikipedia page now.