TV's Highest-Paid Actresses This Year Are Not Only Business Savvy, But Feminist Too

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Sofia Vergara is slaying the game in Modern Family portraying Gloria, but, it turns out she's also slaying the business game as well: Forbes just released their list of highest-paid TV actresses, and yet again, Vergara topped the list with a total of $37 million earned this past year. Not only from Modern Family, of course, though that contributed — according to the site, it was also Vergara's endorsement deals and seemingly natural business savvy that got her the top spot, as, in addition to playing Gloria, she's also the face of Diet Pepsi, CoverGirl, Head & Shoulders, AT&T, and the thyroid medication Synthroid.

Though Vergara did indeed earn more than other TV actresses in Hollywood this year, I don't really like looking at things as a competition when it comes to women in the industry (God knows tabloids and everything else in entertainment does that enough) — all the women on this list worked hard, are badass at what they do, and they're totally feminist to boot. They all deserve the recognition they're getting, and for that, I think it's worth giving them a little more on a list that doesn't have little number bullets in front of all their names. Vergara, despite recently being justly criticized for that whole Emmy fail last month which saw her standing on a rotating platform to be objectified for her curves while Television Acadamy chairman — a man — Bruce Rosenblum spoke (not to mention her explanation of the stunt afterwards that seemed to brush it under the rug instead of calling it out for being sexist, as it was), has worked hard during her years in Hollywood, and said some pretty empowering things about women in the industry as well.

That said, this list seems a much more fitting option: TV's 2014 highest-paid actresses, and their best feminist quotes to live by. Let's begin.

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