Watch Young Brittany Murphy, For Real

Lifetime's seemingly insidious unauthorized biopic about the late actress Brittany Murphy is set to air on Saturday, and it's pretty easy to acknowledge that this is not how we should be remembering the talented actress. In fact, here's a better way to remember Murphy's career — watch clips of her movies like 8 Mile and Clueless, and if you want to go back in time to the nascency of the tragic starlet's career, you can watch this Honey Bunches of Oats commercial that features Murphy at the dawn of her career. She's smiling, happy, and unbeknownst to her, on the verge of success. There's no need to watch a biopic to capture this moment — just watch this video. Sure, Amanda Fuller is a solid actress, but no one can capture the young Murphy better than the actual young Murphy herself.

Naturally, the biopic has decided to include this commercial, as it was a pivotal moment in Murphy's career, but one takeaway from the movie is that it gets the details wrong — Murphy seems older in the movie's version of the ad than she does in this actual video artifact.

Which begs the question: If the biopic is willing to be erroneous with details of Murphy's career, is it a fair depiction of her life? The obvious answer is "no." The best way to remember Murphy is to watch real clips — not unauthorized mock-ups of it.

You can watch the young Murphy in the actual Honey Bunches of Oats commercial below.