21 Times Harry Styles Was More Basic Than a Pumpkin Spice Latte & a Chipotle Burrito Combined — PHOTOS

I know the term "basic" is a bit overused nowadays, but that's because it's just so handy. I used to see photos of people's Pumpkin Spice Lattes and know that it was a trendy thing, but I didn't know exactly what they meant or how to describe them. Then "basic" came along, and the problem was solved. In fact, I've been basic. (I know! ME!) Recently I walked down the street carrying and iced green tea from Starbucks and a Chipotle bag and I just knew I was basic. Was I embarrassed of myself? Yes, but I was happy knowing I had the perfect adjective. I bet you're wondering how this all relates to the lovely young man pictured above? Well, simply, Harry Styles is basic.

I understand your shock. For I did not know Styles was basic until I perused his Instagram. There was all the evidence: cute cups of coffee, a photo of sunglasses on the beach, adorable puppies, Pink Berry.

Want more proof? Click through!

Images: Harry Styles/Instagram

Nicely Framed Cup of Coffee


Homemade Food with Strong Instagram Filter Use

Extra basic because the food isn’t even impressive. It’s just scrambled eggs, buddy.

A Bunch of Cups Cheers-ing

Friends. Tea. Basic.

Perfectly Topped Pink Berry

Fruit? Basic. Coconut flakes? Basic.

Posed Picture That Probably Took Several Tries


Animals & Sweaters & Hats

A cute… animal (Seriously, wtf is that? A cat?,) a really cozy sweater, and a stylish hat. Basic.

Succulents & Mexican Soda


Sunglasses on the Beach



The most basic animal ever. Omg they’re soooo cute!!!!! Basic.

A Dog & Yet Another Mug

Mugs are so basic. (‘Cause they’re cozy. Duh.)

Stir Fry

Fronting like you upped your cooking skills? We know that’s bland. Basic.





Black & White Beach Portrait

Old school basic.

Selfie of Your Own Cool Shirt

Basic. Even if he did charmingly refer to this as a “jumper.”





Nail Art

Really, Harry? Basic.

Overhead Shots of Your Own Shoes



Basic. (Also, loving neon too much = basic.)

Making Everyone Wait So You Can Take a Picture Before They Eat