Olivia Palermo Planning A Second Wedding, Maybe, Fashion World Subsequently Celebrates

Not only is the most magical month of fashion just beginning and New York Fashion Week already underway, but now there is even more glorious fashion news to celebrate. Former reality TV star (remember that?) and all-around fashion goddess Palermo is reportedly planning a second wedding to husband Johannes Huebl. Yes, a second one. Because the first beautiful Olivia Palermo wedding wasn't painfully chic enough, right? Personally, this is exciting to me because I can now go back to falling asleep to dreams of what I would wear if I was invited to said wedding and was BFFs with the super stylish couple. But maybe that's just me.

Apparently, wedding number two isn't exactly in the works yet, but it's a real possibility (which is good enough for me to keep dreaming about it). When asked about the future wedding at a recent event, Palermo said it would happen "at some point," but noted that we shouldn't get too carried away with the idea, as she hasn't started planning yet. And with that, I hereby volunteer my skills as impromtu second-wedding planner for the Palermo-Huebl nuptuals: round two. Too much? Ok, I'll stop.

Following in the same style as her first Bedford, New York wedding, Palermo noted that the second ceremony would be "small and intimate." The couples' first wedding was indeed intimate, with a minimal amount of guests (family and "two friends" to be exact) and a simple aesthetic.

Palermo wore Carolina Herrera separates (yes, separates—the woman can literally pull off anything) for the ceremony and this only begs the question...will there be a dress for wedding number two? Ok, yes, Palermo's first wedding ensemble was perfectly and completely chic. Somehow trendy, classic, and daring all at once—an amazing thing to pull off for a wedding look if you think about it. But, oh...there's just something about a wedding dress, isn't there? I mean, even Carrie Bradshaw had to have a big dress moment at some point. And so should Olivia. Because, clearly, my opinion is a factor.

Even if she doesn't opt for a gown, odds are that she'll still look fabulous (as will her model husband) and the wedding will be a level of chic simplicity that the rest of us can only dream of. And I mean that literally, because I will probably be dreaming about this second wedding until it actually takes place. The countdown is on.