What To Wear To An Iggy Azalea Concert To Ensure You're Properly Fancy

She owned the summer with her hit single "Fancy", and now Iggy Azalea will probably own the fall season too as she continues performing live in North America. Her notoriety has come in many forms and one that stands out among the rest is the Australian-born rapper's attire. Never one to shy away from extremes, Iggy has worn possibly the tightest, shortest, and flashiest garments during her performances. With that in mind it can be intimidating to think of what outfit to wear when seeing the new queen of rap in the flesh.

Concerts are a wild playground for fashion. While most like to play it safe and casual there are also tons of music fans that consider concerts to be a fashion show with really loud music. An Iggy Azalea concert would pose as the perfect opportunity to stretch style limits. With Iggy it's all about bold colors, fitted bodysuits and just enough height on the heels to not trip every five seconds. Marinate on that as you begin to imagine the crop top possibilities paired with enough bling to make you sparkle on cue. It's not always easy, but there are ways to imitate your favorite artist when seeing them live. That is exactly the route I took when dreaming up some of the best outfits to look fancy in when you see Iggy Azalea live for the first time.


Pencil skirts are a fashion staple for Iggy, but they can be a little tricky to move and groove in. This look is probably best suited for those that prefer to sway back and forth instead of jumping up and down. The bright floral print is the perfect feminine touch with the added bonus of transitioning effortlessly to a club outfit or late night dinner after the show.


This is a playful spin on the outfit Iggy wore in the "Fancy" video, which also lends a nod to the always fabulous Cher Horowitz. It has that girly touch but it is certainly rough around the edges. A perfect combo if you want to stand out in the crowd.


Not everyone wants to dress in electric colors with a bunch of skin revealed to the world. That is why this sweet number is the perfect fit for those that wish you to play a toned-down version of all the other choices. Skinny jeans are always a comforting piece of clothing, and the t-shirt provides tons of room for movement. The graphics are on point and everything makes more sense when it is brought together with a little bit of lipstick and nail polish.


Summer is slowly disappearing, but if you will be hitting up any of Iggy's upcoming dates you will definitely be able to rock some shorts. Besides, concerts get extremely hot and sweaty which proves that sometimes less is more for the sack of feeling comfortable.


This hip hop inspired outfit goes to extremes with its gold accessories and bold prints. It's a little bit sporty, a touch of girly, and mega trendy as hits all the high notes in Iggy's fashion taste. Adding layer's such as this bomber jacket also allows for different looks throughout the night and the option to cool down when needed.

Images: Polyvore