So, Lube Is A Beauty Product Now

Lubricant has a pretty specific purpose. There's really no workaround there, right? Wrong. Lube's primary use is sexual enhancement, but did you know it can also function effectively as a beauty product? One that's great for both your hair and your skin? True story. Überlube is a high-performance lube; it's a silicone-based, multi-tasking, and long-lasting world champion lube that is useful in plenty of activities other than sex.

While I was extremely skeptical at the thought — Moroccanoil (or these hair de-frizzers and smoothers) works just fine when I want to add a little shine to my straight hair and coconut oil spray keeps my skin nice and hydrated — I decided to take the plunge and lube up, in the G-rated (not G-spot-seeking) way. Get your minds out of the gutters, ladies.

Lube: It's not just for sex anymore.

Lube is designed to stop chafing and reduce friction during physical activity. When it's not overly manipulated, you're left with silky smooth, moisturized skin.

I tried Überlube, which is packaged in a snazzy yet simple glass canister that allows it to be publicly displayed while remaining discreet, last week. I applied it as a hair smoother and sheen provider, as well as a skin conditioner.

Überlube Luxury Lubricant, $28, Amazon

I coated my legs and thighs with a thin layer of lube before getting dressed and yanking on a pair of skintight jeans, which I chose to wear during a busy schedule of events that took place all over NYC on what felt like the hottest day of of the year. I did so in hopes that it'd reduce any instances of chafing... and it did.

Überlube kept my already glossy hair manageable after I dispensed two drops in my hands, rubbed my palms together, and raked it through my strands. It also gave my skin a much-desired sheen and glow, especially when I smoothed it on my arms. It moisturized my parched cuticles, which by Day 6 of a manicure cycle are ragged, dehydrated, and desperate for something rich and ultra-moisturizing to quench their thirst. This stuff fit the bill.

Überlube Luxury Lubricant, $28, Amazon

I used the lube in very measured, small quantities, even at night. I also dosed a cotton disc with this lube and used it as a makeup remover. It actually erased my stubborn mascara (L'Oreal's Manga, if you must know) before washing my face.

The lube is thick and while it's not super goopy, usage portion sizes still need to be tiny. Still, it was a perfectly acceptable moisturizer that prevented any inner thigh chafing or irritation as I bolted all over NYC in tight bottoms. However, I would totes consider using this when I go to a wedding or whenever I plan to wear something that shows off my shoulders and legs, since I love sheen and glow when showing off skin.

All in all, it does have a terrific moisturizing quality. The folks over at Überlube even recommend that swimmers use their product to enhance glide in the water.

I had to be careful not to slather or overuse, since I didn't want to look like I was emerged the victor at an oil wrestling match. I wasn't looking to leave oil slicks on chairs, paper, or anything else I came in contact with.

I definitely loved how soft my skin felt when replacing my normal moisturizer with lube for a day. I am not sure that it's suitable as an every day replacement but on a really hot, dry day, it was aces. I can imagine myself being more liberal with usage and application during the cold, arid, and bitter winter months when skin needs even more TLC.

Oh, and if you want to use lube for its intended purpose, do it up — no matter the weather.

Images: Giphy; Uberlube/Blink PR (2)