19 Times Zooey Deschanel GIFs Got The Everyday Struggle Of Being An Adult Just Right

Legally, the "authorities" claim that you're a certifiable adult at the age of 18. Which is ridiculous, because you can't even drink a lick of alcohol until three years after that. But even at 21, you don't consider yourself an adult. You certainly don't act like an adult (if your parents' laments are any indicator). But... you are. Because America is all sorts of crazy and they've given you that kind of sublime responsibility. But you're having problems just making your own lunch these days.

Here are some GIFs of the most endearing child-like adult, Zooey Deschanel, nailing what it feels like trying to be a real life grown up.

Key word: trying.

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Getting Ready For A Job Interview

Check the directions 10 times, check your make up 15 times, print out 30 resumes. Just to be safe.

...Not Getting The Job

It prob wasn’t for you anyway, right?

Regretting Your College Major

They made you pick something. How did you know it wasn’t easily transferable to the corporate workplace?

Seeing People Getting Engaged On Your Facebook Newsfeed

Won’t you get sick of the same person every day for the rest of your life?!

...Five Minutes After

You’re probably also going to be sick of yourself every day for the rest of your life…

Looking In The Mirror

You’re great. At least, that’s what your mom says.

When People Ask Why You Still Live With Your Parents

And you know, because you’re $100,000 deep in student loan debt. No biggie.

Trying To Watch Your Mouth Around Children

You’re just passionate and verbose, it’s not your fault.

On Whether You Should Get That Edgy Haircut...

You’re really not sure, but everyone’s saying you need a change.

...Getting The Edgy Haircut

Going against your better judgment and succumbing to peer pressure.

Not Being Able To Get A Handle On Your Emotions

Living is hard. =(

When Asked About What Your Job Entails

Uh… stuff?

Your Theory On Why Staying Single Forever Is Best

As Queen Bey said, “Just me, myself, & I.”

Getting To Know New People

Was that coming on too strong?

Entering The Strange World Of Online Dating

Forever meeting at brightly lit, populated areas.

Handling Disagreements

As they say, “Hit em’ where it hurts.”

Trying To Be Hot

You hear innuendos are steamy…

...Still Working On It

…OK, forget what you heard.

On Being Asked What Happened To You After High School

Orrrrrrrrr 20

pounds and reality.