Beyonce's Bikini-Clad Summersault Instagram Accurately Expresses Our Emotions in These 17 Ways

ALERT! ALERT! Your Sunday just got a whole lot better due to Beyoncé posting this amazing picture of herself on her Instagram. But, more vital than than a social media update is that her pic perfectly describes our general excitement over various different aspects of our lives. Because we can't actually do that stealthy move ourselves.

Because, we're mortal.

Here's all the ways Bey just gets us.

Images: beyonce/Instagram

When You Get A Text

From literally anyone.

When You Don't Fall Off Rainbow Road In Mario Kart

Do you even know how DIFFICULT that is?!

When Your Friends Suggest Chipotle For Lunch

Y E S. The answer is always YES.

When A Celeb Favorites Your Tweet

You ARE the chosen one.

When You Get A Spot On The Street When It's Alternate Side Parking

You should also probably play lotto.

When You Get Your Period


When Your Diet Is Over

…And the world is still spinning.

When Your Job Application Makes It Past HR

It’s like actual magic.

When Someone Tells You Your Hair Got Long


When Your Roommate Does Their Own Dishes


When Your Bangs Fall The Right Way

You look SOOOOO gooooood.

Hearing Your Favorite Song In The Club

Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh.

When You're In The Vicinty Of Pizza


Getting Paid

Well, obvi.

Getting A Fresh Manicure

You look so damn classy now.

Your Favorite Lipstick Being Restocked

Is that an angel you hear singing?

When Your Boss Is Out Of Work

See ya NEVER.