5 Hilarious Halloween Pranks To Scare Your Friends

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are two types of people in this world: those who love a good Halloween prank, and liars. Don't get me wrong, I do love a good gag year round. Plastic wrap around the car doors? A classic. Straight vodka in the water bottle? Hilarious. Toothpaste in the hand/feather to the nose? Ideas that never, ever get old. Yes, when it comes to all things ridiculously funny that one human can do to another (all in the name of good, clean fun), I've seen and proudly instigated them all. But there's something extra special about a solid Halloween prank that's guaranteed to scare the living bejesus out of your roommates, friends, and friends of friends. And with Halloween just a few, short weeks away, it's time to start planning your next move now.

Let's face the sadistic facts — why else would clown masks and fake poo exist? Are you intrigued by clown masks and fake poo? Then read on dear reader, and make sure to take notes from some of the Internet's best Halloween pranksters. Ranked in a very particular order, I present to you the five best Halloween pranks of all time, and a break down of how you can pull these tricks off yourself.

No. 5: Airhorn closet prank

What you'll need: At least three people, one closet, one airhorn

How to: Hide in the closet. Tell your friend to ask your other friend for something in said closet. As friend opens closet, squeeze airhorn. Observe reaction, indulge in uncontrollable laughter, and never look back.

See it in action:

No. 4: Falling spider prank

What you'll need: One friend, about 10 to 20 feet of clear fishing line, one hook, one large fake spider (or real spider, depending on how much of a sadist you are)

How to: Screw hook into ceiling above couch. Tie clear fishing line to spider and drape over hook, leaving more than enough fishing line to hold on to. Hide behind couch or curtains. As soon as friend sits down, release extra fishing line, propelling the spider on to the friend's head. Laugh, point, and make sure someone catches it on video.

See it in action:

No. 3: Human chair prank

What you'll need: At least two friends, one real chair, two old couch cushions to wear on your torso and legs, two old pillows to wear on your arms, one blanket

How to: Cut holes in old cushions and pillows to create "wearable chair suit." Sit in real chair like you actually are a chair. Have friend drape blanket over your head. Make sure you can still breathe. Have friend number one direct friend number two to take a load off and have a seat. As friend number two sits down, forcibly wrap your arms around them while moaning. Continue moaning.

See it in action:

No. 2: Zombie pizza prank

What you'll need: One Halloween party, at least three empty pizza boxes, one skirted table, one zombie

How to: Cut holes in empty pizza boxes. Place pizza boxes on skirted table. Hide zombie under skirted table with head shoved through holes in pizza boxes. Encourage party goers to have some pizza. Record reactions filled with sheer terror and upload to Facebook immediately. Tag freely.

See it in action:

No. 1: Live T-Rex prank

What you'll need: A few friends in on the prank, one victim, one long hallway, one T-Rex

How to: As your victim nonchalantly walks down the hallway, send your gaggle of prankster friends running and screaming past the victim. Just as your victim looks back, unleash the T-Rex, and have a very happy halloween.

See it in action: