One Direction Released a New Single From 'Four'

One Direction sent their considerable fandom into overdrive when they finally announced the new title of their upcoming album. The new One Direction album will be called Four and that wasn't the only surprise the band had in store for the fans, oh no. Not only did 1D give everyone the title of the album, but they also released the first single off the album. This One Direction single is called "Fireproof" and it's available for free download off the band's website for the next 24 hours. That's right, for 24 hours you can download a One Direction song without it showing up on your credit card statement. Run, run quickly to the site, closet 1D fans!

Naturally, I was there in under a digital second and have listened to "Fireproof" at least five times since this morning. If you're too far away from a computer to download and listen to the song, then fear not for I have got you. "Fireproof" is a semi-country, semi-folk song. Instead of the rock-heavy feel of Midnight Memories's songs, "Fireproof" is the kind of song you can listen to on a long drive through the Southern states, nodding your head along with your dog sticking its head out of one of the windows. I'm not kidding; that's the exact feeling you get listening to this love song.

In fact, these are the exact dances and emotions you will experience if you were able to listen to the song five times like I just did. You're welcome.

Verse 1: The Head Nod

Verse 2: The Foot Tap

Chorus: The Arm Flail

Verse 3: The Hip Sway

Chorus Again: The Cheer

Guitar Finale: The Try Not to Cry Because You're in Public and People Will See You

Download the song here at One Direction's Official Website and/or listen to it below.

Image: tapshoesandloosescrews, totallytaylor-gifs, ineedthisforreactions/Tumblr; Rebloggy (3)