Britney Spears' New Song 'All Eyes on Me' Covers Her Favorite Subject Matter

Because Justin Timberlake can't have all the comeback fun, Britney Spears announced on her website today that there are 27 days and counting until "All Eyes on Me" is released. Evidently, September 17 is when we'll be treated to Spears' new single called "All Eyes on Me", which is widely believed to be the newest song off her eighth studio album. If you're thinking the phrase "all eyes on me" sounds familiar, it's because you heard it in her song "Circus", from 2008.

In fact, Britney sings a lot about herself. "Me" might just be her favorite subject. Granted, it's not like she's actually writing these songs — we have a feeling her song-creation process has more to do with listening to a track recorded by a stand-in and giving in a limp thumbs up before it's time for her 3 o'clock shopping run for new sweatpants and less about her sitting down to a piano with a Scotch neat to musically express her feelings — but still. She's inextricable from the song, and she loves the me, me, me-ness.

Out of Britney's 90 some-odd songs, 30 have either "me" or "I" in the title, which may or may not seem like a lot to you, depending on your genetic tolerance for narcissism, but guys, 33 percent of anything is not insignificant, so when we heard that it's again with the "all eyes on me" stuff, it just felt redundant.

Plus, if Britney really wanted all eyes on her, you'd think she'd comb her hair once in a while, and wear clothing that hasn't been draped on the hamper cover for the last six weeks. We criticize because we care.

Anyway, the album's rumored to be produced by, the man who brought us Britney on "Scream & Shout" that included that oh-so famous phrase "Britney, Bitch", so we'll likely have more of that to look forward to.

But hey, at least that's in the third person.