Who is Leah Jenner? Brandon Jenner's Wife is More Than A 'KUWTK' Enigma

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Everyone understands Brandon Jenner's role on Keeping Up With The Kardashians: He's Bruce's son who reluctantly participates in filming on occasion. Doye! But what about Brandon's wife, Leah? Who is Leah Jenner, really? Always lurking just out of frame on KUWTK, she pops up periodically to fool you into thinking that a long-lost blonde Kardashian has suddenly been hired. Then you remember, "Right. It's just Leah! She's always around..." Then just as quickly as she emerged, she disappears again like a reality TV mirage.

Because inquiring minds want to know, here's your guide to this reality TV wallflower. I've found that there's far more to this famous family in-law than her caption on the show reveals. In addition to being the Kardashian family enigma, Leah Felder-Jenner is a musician, a cat lover, and a descendant of rock royalty.

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