Taylor Swift Is Having a Hard Time Following Her Own "Shake It Off" Advice


Her new hit single "Shake It Off" extols the virtues of letting negative criticism just roll right off your back, but Taylor Swift seems to be having a hard time taking her own advice lately. Though she's become known as an active dater over the past several years, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Swift suggested that she actually hasn't dated anybody in over a year and a half — and the media's obsession with her love life is partially to blame. Swift explained:

I feel for Swift. I can't even begin to imagine how exhausting it must be to have people analyzing and criticizing every aspect of your love life, day in and day out. Yes, Swift definitely invites a certain amount of this attention by including suggestive lyrics about her romantic relationships in her music, but I have a feeling that it's the relentless slut shaming regarding the amount of men she's been with, in addition to the media's incessant prying into her personal life, that has really made her feel like she just can't date right now. It's sad, but I understand how she's reached this point.

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Of course, Swift should feel empowered to date whomever she wants, whenever she wants, haters be damned — but it's just not that easy. Though the advice in "Shake It Off" is certainly well-intentioned, it's hard to hold on to — especially when you're feeling worn down by the world around you. Later in her Rolling Stone interview, Swift clarified her position on dating, saying:

So, Swift hasn't given up on love entirely (which is great) but I still think that her initial explanation for why she isn't currently dating anyone is very telling. It seems like she's feeling a little defeated. Given how successful, articulate, and poised Swift is, it's easy to assume that she has it all figured out, but this interview just goes to show that even global pop stars are plagued by nagging insecurities sometimes. How does the saying go? "They're just like us"? Yeah, that's it.

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