Then & Now Pics of the Ladies You Loved in the Early '00s Show How Some Things Never Change

Jessica Simpson performing onstage at Z100's Zootopia concert at th Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York on June 1, 2001.(photo by Gabe Palacio/ImageDirect)
Source: Gabe Palacio/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

My love of pop culture runs deep and the height of my celebrity obsession definitely involves those stars who peaked during the early '00s. There was more than enough guy eye candy to feast your eyes on at the beginning of the new millennium, but let's not forget about the amazing women who also ruled the scene... many of whom still do. From Tyra to Gwen to Queen Bey, here are then and now photos of our favorite early aughts lady celebs. They may have changed, but they're still 100 percent fierce. 

Then: Gwen Stefani

Stefani’s signature look was a mesh crop top over a sports bra. 

Now: Gwen Stefani

Now, she’s a modern Marilyn Monroe with red lips and well-coiffed platinum hair. 

Then: Britney Spears

Oh, hey, remember that time BritBrit danced with a live snake? 

Now: Britney Spears

She’s still the Princess of Pop, now with her very own show in Vegas.

Then: Christina Aguilera

She always had killer pipes, even if her style was a little… confusing. 

Now: Christina Aguilera

The epitome of class, she’s now a mom of two kids. 

Then: Tyra Banks

Perpetually smizing. 

Now: Tyra Banks

Perpetually smizing. 

Then: Jessica Biel

Mary Camden!

Now: Jessica Biel

Mrs. Justin Timberlake has made her way to the big screen with movies like Total Recall and Playing For Keeps.

Then: Jessica Simpson

She was famous for her insane voice and for her relationship with boy-bander Nick Lachey. 

Now: Jessica Simpson

She may not be making music anymore, but she has elevated the celebrity fashion designer to a whole new level. Have you seen her shoes

Then: Jessica Alba

The Honey star was the hot girl next door then… 

Now: Jessica Alba

…and remains the hot girl next door now. She also runs a company that makes organic cleaning products. 

Then: Tara Reid

The American Pie darling is basically a living symbol for the early ’00s. 

Now: Tara Reid

One word: Sharknado. 

Then: Mila Kunis

She was only 14 when she starred as Jackie on That ’70s Show.

Now: Mila Kunis

She’s engaged to her former co-star Ashton Kutcher and pregnant with his baby.

Then: Hilary Duff

The Lizzie McGuire star made you want temporary blue streaks in your hair. 

Now: Hilary Duff

She just released a new pop song and is heading back to television.

Then: Lindsay Lohan

The early ’00s were the height of LiLo’s career. 

Now: Lindsay Lohan

After years of drug and alcohol abuse, the starlet is allegedly trying to stay clean and is currently acting in a play in London. 

Then: Naomi Campbell

Intimidatingly gorgeous. According to the housekeeper she allegedly threw that cell phone at, just plain intimidating would work, too.

Now: Naomi Campbell

Still fabulous. 

Then: Pink

She provided the tough edge in a sea of softer pop stars. 

Now: Pink

Both her voice and her body prove to be crazy powerful. Have you seen that Grammys performance? 

Then: Julia Stiles

The 10 Things I Hate About You actress was impossibly cool. 

Now: Julia Stiles

She has a fantastic web series on WIGS and will star in the upcoming adaption of children’s novel The Great Gilly Hopkins. 

Then: Alicia Keys

The “Fallin’” singer made you feel. 

Now: Alicia Keys

This girl continues to be on fire. (Not literally.)

Then: Kelly Osbourne

She was best known as the rebellious daughter of Ozzy Osbourne. 

Now: Kelly Osbourne

She has a seat on Fashion Police and perfect lavender hair. 

Then: Avril Lavigne

The “Sk8r Boi” singer was a big fan of ironic tee shirts and red eyeliner. 

Now: Avril Lavigne

Her music has a far poppier sound, but she still likes ironic tee shirts.