New York Fashion Week Was All About "Real" Hair — But Can "Real" People Pull It Off?

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Breaking, breaking: Real hair is in again! It's time to strip away all those angular lime green synthetic wigs and neon dip-dyed raccoon-fur braided extensions, ladies, because the powers behind New York Fashion Week have finally given us permission to look like ourselves again. During the upcoming fashion season, hair has one qualification and one qualification only: It must look like it grew from your head.

"This season, we’re treating all girls individually. No extensions, nothing crazy. What the girls look like is what we want them to look like," Kate Spade hairstylist Tommy Buckett told Fashionista, who spotted the ultra-normal trend at Versus, Kate Spade, Opening Ceremony, Derek Lam, and Alexander Wang.

I know exactly what you're thinking: Can regular folks possibly achieve this highbrow fashion effect? First they tell us to wear our hair "normal" and next thing you know they're asking us to paint our eyeballs orange. Can we trust them? Don't fret, hair fiends of the world. *tosses waist-length blonde hair over one shoulder and throws a curling iron out the window* I'll show you the way.

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