25 Basic Wardrobe Essentials Every College Girl Needs

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By now, most college kids are back on campus. Classes have resumed, sorority recruitment is underway, and countless cups of ramen noodles are being prepared in dorm room micro fridges.

If you're new in school, then first, let me start out with a huge congratulations. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 21 million students have enrolled in American colleges and universities this year, the majority of which (12 million) are female. That may seem like a lot, but considering that there are some 317 million people living in the US, you're in a minority if you're lucky enough to be currently attending college. So make the most of your years, no matter if you're taking a few classes at your local community college, buckling up for a four-year program at a giant university, or fall somewhere in the middle. Enjoy it while it lasts! Not to get all Old School right now, but I kind of wish I could relive my college days once in a while.

But enough nostalgia, because we have something important to discuss: your wardrobe. College kids get a bad rep for falling into sweatpants slumps as the school year wages on, and most of the talk is true. With late-night study sessions and arctic winters for kids in the Northeast, it's kind of inevitable. But don't let lounge wear become your everyday go-to. Instead, mix things up with other items that are just as easy to throw on, such as an oversized flannel shirt with jeans or a pair of printed flats with cozy leggings. You'll have enough on your plate as soon as the school year picks up, but right now, you need a few staples to make dressing for college as easy as, well, cooking a cup of ramen noodles.

For advice on the essentials, I got in touch with Elana Katz, one of College Fashionista's style gurus. She recently launched a website called Post Gradiensis where she and two of her college classmates write about fashion. Click through the slideshow to see all of Katz's recommendations for college wardrobe essentials, and where you can order them online. Because getting a package slip from the campus mail room is always an uber-thrilling experience.

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