'DuckTales'... With Actual Ducks!

DuckTales is a pretty incredible entity — it's a show that chronicles the adventures of pants-less ducks. Not to mention, the theme song is gloriously catchy and warrants a place in the theme song hall of fame, if ever there is one. That said, there is one way that theme song could be improved... by adding actual ducks. The Internet is a beautiful place, so now you have the opportunity to view the DuckTales theme with real, live, adorable ducks.

Now, with great power (i.e., the power of real, live ducks), comes great responsibility, and fortunately for all of us, this video fulfills its responsibility of being amazing; it does not disappoint. These ducks are adorable, and they are totally primed to be Internet stars. The only thing that it's missing is an entire episode — or season — of DuckTales with real ducks, so now would be an appropriate time to humbly pitch an entirely new series called DuckTales – LIVE! In fact, creating an entire series that follows live ducks could even give someone the opportunity to hold a "duck wrangler" job title.

OK, I'm digressing. Whoever made this video is a brilliant, brilliant mind. You can check it out below. DuckTales has never looked so good.

Image: Disney