Nickelodeon's 'Fred' Star Lucas Cruikshank Comes Out as Gay In Cutest Way Possible

Lucas Cruikshank, the actor who achieved fame for starring on Nickelodeon's Fred, has officially come out as gay. And the 19-year-old actor, who has been in the public sphere since 2006, announced the news in the most adorable way possible — during a fan-driven Q&A session with actress friend, Jennifer Veal.

The announcement was refreshingly casual — responding to a Twitter question about his sexuality (between questions like, "If you had the last tomato on earth, who would you throw it at?), Cruikshank simply said, "I'm gay." Followed by, "But my family and friends have known for, like, three years. I just haven't felt the need to announce it on the Internet."

Because he really didn't need to. But, boy, are we glad he did. Cruikshank didn't need a magazine cover, or a dramatic interview to announce a fact that doesn't need to be announced. Though it's ridiculous that we still live in a world where Cruikshank needs to address his sexuality in the first place, the fact that he showed youths that coming out could actually be fun shows how much better things can get.

Of course, having a cute-as-a-button friend, Veal, interject with one-liners like, "Now you all know he likes boys and not me," certainly doesn't hurt. Watch the video below, and wonder if you should have continued watching Nickelodeon after 6th grade after all.

Lucas on YouTube