Marc Summers Wants 'Double Dare' To Return, But Should It?

Remember Double Dare? Of course you do, you product of the '90s, you. Do you miss it? Well, whether or not you pine for the pie-in-the-face heyday of Nickelodeon or not, former host Marc Summers does. In fact, Summers told Huffington Post Live that he has been pleading for a Double Dare reboot. He said:

But if Nickelodeon isn't willing to have a discussion about the potential return of Double Dare, then we should at least have one! Should '90s Nickelodeon get a revival?


Perhaps Nickelodeon is right. As ageist as it sounds, maybe Summers is a tad too old now for Nick's target demographic — but that doesn't mean that millennial children need to be deprived of retro Nickelodeon. There are a few alternate solutions: Have a more high-tech, new Double Dare with a host who is a tad younger (sorry, Summers) or... a channel that only plays retro Nickelodeon shows. Like what Nick at Nite used to be, only with kids game shows. Think about it: a channel that only has shows like Double Dare, Guts, and of course Legends of The Hidden Temple, how great would that be? Eliminate revamps or fancy ploys; simply showcase the low-grade, low-fi quality of the '90s.

Double Dare would be back and syndicated sans any effort at all. It couldn't be easier. You're welcome, Nick and Summers.

Image: Nickelodeon