This Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Awkward Vine From Fashion Week Is My New Favorite Thing

If you've been following NYFW on social media, you've seen more than enough Hyperlapsed runways, backstage model makeovers/unders and blurry fragments of the fabulous after parties. After a while, they all start to look the same. But here's something you've definitely never seen before: the Olsen twins. In action. On social media. I'm completely serious. Thanks to New York Times fashion director Vanessa Friedman and her incredible NYFW Vine coverage, we can all ogle our favorite fashion duo on repeat... for as long as we want! On Monday, Friedman posted a Vine of Mary-Kate and Ashley looking awkward as they pose for what they think is a photo at The Row's Spring 2015 showroom, but no — it's a video, you guysss! Classic prank!

In the short video, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen strike one of their very famous poses — standing in front of one another, facing each other in a cool, yet relaxed stance (see above). It's the kind of no-fail pose that has a 99 percent guarantee of translating well to a still photo. The sort of pose they've used time and time again, from the red carpet to Vogue. But unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us!), they had what appears as zero clue that Friedman was rolling video and not snapping a photo. Watch the video to see the incredible awkwardness ensue, Mary-Kate's shifty eyes say "Wait, this isn't a photo, is it?" while Ashley frozen smirk is all "Take the damn photo already."

Thank you for making my New York Fashion Week, Vanessa Friedman.