Bill Cunningham At New York Fashion Week: The 20 Best Instagrams Of The Master Street Style Photographer Himself

From Editors-in-Chiefs to up-and-coming models, the majority of the fashion world will all likely react the same way when asked about Bill Cunningham: gushing with delight about how adorable and wonderful and incredibly talented the legendary street style photographer is. Before the acclaimed documentary about the man behind the camera came out in 2010, only those in the industry really knew who he was. But now, the shy and reserved Cunningham has risen to celebrity status, becoming as sought after on the NY streets as the most followed fashion bloggers and "It" girls.

Cunningham may dislike all the attention he gets (he hates getting approached by people on the street while he's on the job), but we can't help ourselves, especially on Instagram. There are over 10,000 photos with the hashtag Bill Cunningham. He's just so darn cute in his blue jacket and khaki pant uniform! Cunningham's outfit may not be as exciting or varied as the other people you may follow during NYFW, but in my opinion, it's just as fun and inspiring to look at. Here are the 20 best street style snaps of Bill Cunningham himself.

Bill's Boyish Grin

“The most famous person we’ve seen.”

Image: ValerieStrait/Instagram

Bill Hard at Work

Just another day at the office.

Image: NuThanks/Instagram

Selfies with Bill

No filter needed. Ever.

Image: DanielfromLA/Instagram

Bill Disapproves

Not everyone gets a photo from Bill.

Image: RussJosephs/Instagram

Bill's Famous Silhouette

“He’s kind of a big deal”

Image: GeorgeKGeorgeK/Instagram

Bill and Jenna

Just a couple of old pals snapping a quick selfie.

Image: MissFortunate/Instagram

Bill in a Sea of Balloons

I can’t tell if he thinks they’re fun or if he’s annoyed. Either way — adorbs!

Image: Ploypyn/Instagram

Where's Bill?

Can you spot the Bill Cunningham?

Image: LitzWashEre/Instagram

Bill's Grin

When Bill looks at you with that smile, that’s when you know you’ve officially made it in this world.

Image: ebayfashion/Instagram

Bill and Eva

Eva Chen’s disappointed look tells us her outfit was dismissed by Bill. Better luck tomorrow, Eva!

Image: Chictopia/Instagram

Bill's On His Mark

Classic Bill.

Image: YeOhLeeInc/Instagram

The Master in Action

“The master #BillCunningham will outlive the Insta fashion bloggers.”

Image: SuzanneCarbone/Instagram

Bill on Canal St.

Hard at work, even on a Sunday.

Image: Buttles/Instagram

Bill Loves It

The look on Bill’s face when he sees something he loves? Priceless.

Image: RootStudios/Instagram

Bill's Bike vs. the Taxis

Make way for Bill, everyone!

Image: BlaineaCooper/Instagram

A Pensive Bill

Bill in deep fashion thought.


Bill Wants a Shoe Shot

How low can Bill go?

Image: marysiagacek/Instagram

All Dressed Up

Sometimes, Bill trades in his uniform for a handsome tux.

Image: Brunolimadesign/Instagram

Bill And His Coffee

I’m convinced Bill likes his coffee the way he likes his fashion: simple, in the best way possible.

Image: Daniinteriors/Instagram

Bill On His Bike

And just like that, he’s off.

Image: CaseyLFreeman/Instagram